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Tips for a healthier 2021

COVID-19 has changed the way we think of living a balanced lifestyle. Many people are now focusing on their general emotional and physical well-being rather than managing symptoms when they arise. As a result, it is important that seniors take a holistic approach to their wellbeing.

Here four ways elders can have a healthier 2021:

Improve your dietary habits.

The body’s energy and nutrient needs change dramatically as it ages. Seniors, unfortunately, seldom change their dietary habits, resulting in inadequate nutrition.

Elders should adopt a tailored diet plan that meets all their energy and nutrient needs while also strengthening their immune system.

Get full body checkups.

Regular medical checkups for the elderly should become the practice. Many elders were reluctant to visit their doctors’ offices or hospitals for minor illnesses or aches during the pandemic.

Given the situation, elders should seek medical attention more often. Home medical checkups and online doctor appointments are a secure and convenient alternative to hospital or clinic visits for seniors.

Increase digital literacy.

A digital world dominated by online interactions is the new standard. Elders will be required to conduct business electronically, place orders, and keep track of e-commerce transactions and everyday necessities. They will also have to use their smartphones to pay their utility bills.

Every senior citizen should be able to use the internet. According to studies, one out of every three seniors suffer from isolation, which is a gateway to depression and other mental illnesses. The best way to combat it is to engage in regular social interactions with friends and relatives. Seniors will need to learn how to use social media and video calling apps to stay connected with their loved ones.

Tickle the funny bone.

Laughter may add years to one’s life while also reducing the effects of stress on the heart, which is particularly important at this time. According to geriatric experts, if elders do not have a way to remain jolly, the prevalent conditions of insecurity may have long-term consequences.

Seniors can switch to comedic TV shows or stand-up specials in the new standard. Reading comic strips, posting memes, or participating in online games are all fun ways to pass the time.


Living in an assisted living environment facilitates following many of the above recommendations. Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon offers a home-like environment to our residents where their diet is watched closely. The residents have opportunities for interactions to keep them socially and mentally engaged. For more information on Residential Plaza’s quality services, visit:

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