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Healthy Summer for everyone!

Summer is here, and to enjoy outdoor activities, some considerations are essential for all family members, especially for the older adults in our family.


It is understandable how preparing a family vacation, a trip to the beach, or a picnic could be a little more complicated when we include the older adults in our family, often includes walkers, wheelchairs, or simply a slower pace. But we would like to invite you to outweigh the pros and cons and focus on the positive aspects of involving all family members in our plans, especially the older ones. Our days will be filled with stories, unique perspectives on situations, and unlimited love.


Temperatures are rising, and this year seems like the heat waves are hitting all the country hard. Make sure you drink enough water and include foods in your menu that are naturally hydrating, like watermelon or lemonade. Be cautious and bring your cooler with iced water to ensure you have access as you need it.


UV rays can be damaging. Follow these safe sun measures:

  • SLIP on a t-shirt.
  • SLOP on SPF 30+ broad-spectrum UVA sunscreen.
  • SLAP on a broad-brimmed hat.
  • SLIDE on quality sunglasses.
  • SHADE from the sun whenever possible.

At Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon, we encourage all family members to enjoy their summer. Follow COVID-19 safety measures, use a facial mask, and keep social distancing. When returning to our community, we ask you to coordinate your arrival between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM to allow the healthcare staff to perform a rapid COVID-19 test.

For more information regarding our assisted living community, visit:

Have a happy summer!