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Living healthy to maintain a healthy mind and body

Many factors affect our health daily, some cannot be controlled, such as the genetic constitution or aging, but there are others that we can control and that we must modify to improve our lifestyle.

Taking the right initiatives towards a healthier life will level your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, decrease the possibility of chronic and degenerative diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, among others.

Leading a healthy lifestyle will completely change your life expectancy. You sometimes hear the phrase “live healthy”, but many of us do not know the meaning of this phrase and, many of us may think that this means changing diet to lose weight but living healthy goes beyond what we eat.

Education is a critical factor in creating a culture of prevention, where we give the right value to lead a healthy life. So, for this, we will provide you with some practical everyday recommendations.

Minimize negative emotions

Having a positive mind has excellent benefits in physical and mental health. Negative emotions must be managed appropriately to have a full life. One of the main negative emotional factors of these times is stress.

Excessive stress lowers the defenses and increases the risk of suffering from diseases, besides making us feel bad. Stress can not only have direct psychological and physical effects, but it can also lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Furthermore, chronic stress can increase blood pressure, cause anxiety, depression and heart problems.

Do not forget that being cautious and correctly handling negative emotions are essential factors in any healthy lifestyle you wish to adopt.

Try to do a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercises.

When you’re relaxed, you exercise and eat healthily; your body feels good about itself. For example, when you exercise daily for about 30 minutes, your body produces endorphin, this hormone causes you to enter a state of happiness, another hormone that produces exercise is serotonin, a hormone that can relieve your mood. So, no matter how tired you may be from daily stress, it’s convenient to exercise regularly.

People who usually do physical activity or exercise live on average 3 and four years more than those who do not. That is why it is crucial to develop daily routines within our daily life. Not only makes you improve your physical appearance but mental.

Food as a source of energy

A balanced and healthy diet allows the body to receive the necessary fuel to recharge itself with energy. Lean meats, legumes, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, the latter consumed in moderation, because of the high caloric content of some, are ideal, to provide the body with the necessary elements that allow it to manage its energy levels.

The WHO (World Health Organization) promotes a healthy lifestyle in all stages of life with the aim of preserving life and maintaining health, in addition to reducing or mitigating the risk of disability and pain during the phase of the old age of individuals.

The benefits of living a healthy life are immeasurable. Health is conditioned by the lifestyle that people lead so if the lifestyle is healthy, they will have a better level of health than if they lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

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