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Reading as a source of health for the elderly

Reading is very important at any stage of our lives because it gives us the possibility of having a very broad cultural background and thus be able to deal with knowledge any situation that comes our way in everyday life, however, many people find this interesting activity tedious because they consider it boring.

Currently, young people leave books for the Internet, considering it more fun, attractive and dynamic at an informative level, however, books are still a great learning tool. Reading is an activity that is familiar to older people, and is a source of entertainment, which at the same time helps them maintain mental agility.

How to create a habit of reading in an older person?

There are certain steps that we can take to promote a reading habit in the elderly:

• Establish a daily reading schedule
It is extremely necessary to put an hour or two to devote simply to reading so that our body and mind enter a state of total relaxation and connect directly with what we are reading, for this it is advisable to take this activity regularly without reaching to the excess, because it could end up causing visual fatigue especially in a person of the third age.

• Choose varied topics for reading
Undoubtedly, the type of book we choose will set the tone of our interest in it, therefore, it is advisable to have a wide range of topics to learn and enjoy more than we are reading.

• Creation of reading groups with your nearest community
Reading can become one of the most attractive activities for older people since it can encourage the initiation of a reading group, in addition to acquiring knowledge, older adults can exchange, opinions, ideas and thus make a new social circle.

• Choose a pleasant and quiet environment to avoid distractions
This point is key to a level of optimal understanding of reading and a high level of retention of knowledge for an elderly person, reading should be done in a quiet environment without having elements that can entertain the moment of reading, so It is ideal to be in places where they are away from music, car noises or people talking about any topic around that draw your body and mind of concentration.

Reading is a great tool to keep us up to date. Remember that it is never too late to learn new things, so encourage older people to acquire new knowledge, update or simply enjoy great classics through reading.

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