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Thanksgiving during the COVID-19 crisis and our elderly

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. It is typically a time to get the family together and gather to share a meal while thanksgiving for all our blessings. Usually, family members travel for this extraordinary date to reconnect with those they love.

But this year has been significantly different for all; COVID-19 has brought upon us a series of guidelines, do’s, and don’ts to safeguard us from getting the virus. This year, the authorities are appealing to people of all ages to stay home, avoid groups larger than 10, keep social distancing, and mainly use the face masks.

For the elderly in our families may be a very rough year. Many will be missing their loved ones, because they cannot visit.

While we urge you to keep all recommendations given by authorities to avoid the spread of COVID-19, it is time to think about how can we make a difference for the elderly in our family? How can we connect with them and make sure their spirits are up?

Make a phone call or a video call.

It may be a good idea to coordinate with all family members and make sure that your loved one receives a call every couple of hours. This call will make them feel loved and cared for. Don’t forget to ask questions!

Mail letters and pictures.

The elderly are old fashioned and love to receive mail. Coordinate with the family and make sure that they all send letters. The letters do not have to be lengthy. Make sure you let them know how much you love them, share a special memory, or simply saying hi. Getting something special will spark their spirit.

Considering delivering a special meal or preferably a home-cooked meal.

Nowadays we have many services to deliver meals, send them their favorite! Or even better, send them their favorite Thanksgiving meal. A full tummy leads to a content heart, and indeed having a taste of home will warm their hearts.

Family care extends beyond providing basic physical needs. It also involves assuring your elderly loved ones that they are a vital part of the family and that their contributions to the celebrations are appreciated. The holidays are an ideal opportunity to show your love and respect, especially to the elderly in your family.


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