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Safe and Limited Re-opening of Long-Term Care Facilities

On September 2nd, Governor Ron De Santis signed an order (Department of Emergency Management Order No. 20-009) for Safe and Limited Re-opening of Long-Term Care Facilities. Families around the state were happy, thinking this is it, now I get to see my loved one. No one expected that the order allows for a very limited re-opening with a complex eleven-page document in which the new guidelines for visitation were explained.

Among many of the new guidelines, families need to comply with a one-time Infection Prevention and Control Training, assign visitors that depend on your loved one’s health status, and uncommonly stringent limits on the number of people visiting at the time. While the communities and family members understand and appreciate the length and detail of the order to safeguard their loved ones’ health, which are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19, the order also brought discomfort among the families that want to see their loved ones with little to no restrictions. Also, the new order has placed additional costs to facilities in personal protective equipment, staff, among others.

The Safe and Limited Re-opening of Long-Term Care Facilities is here to stay until a sounder solution is in place that allows visitation while caring for the safety of the residents.

Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon has put a comprehensive Visitation Guidelines at Blue Lagoon to facilitate to family members the adherence to the new guidelines imposed by the order to enable them to re-connect with their loved ones as soon as possible. Please visit Residential Plaza’s webpage to review the Visitation Guidelines.

Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon is always leading the way in assisted living in Florida, providing residents and families with an affordable home with assisted living services that allows older adults to live in a safe, caring and supportive environment while maintaining their dignity, independence, and purpose.