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Miami, November 14, 2019.- “As Miami-Dade residents are living longer and healthier lives, we are finding new ways to honor, celebrate, and maximize contributions for older adults.

Through Golden Wishes, United Way grants wishes for individual adults age 60+ who are unable to pursue a wish on their own. Wishes are co-created with agencies, companies, churches, civic groups, and others.

Together, we aim to celebrate older adults that continue to go above and beyond for their families, friends, and community – or those that need a little extra help to overcome a barrier. With every wish, we celebrate positive aging”, notes United Way’s webpage.

United Way of Miami-Dade grants two residents of Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon their dreams through the Golden Wishes Program, Migdalia Otero and Rosalia Martos are the lucky winners.

Assistance to the Elderly, Inc. is continuously looking for opportunities to partner with other players in our community to creatively and continually search for new and better ways to serve our constituents. In this opportunity, Assistance to the Elderly, Inc. partners with United Way of Miami-Dade through the Golden Wishes Program to grant two residents of the assisted living facility they own, Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon with their heartfelt wishes.


“The Golden Wishes Program, under Dr. Moise and United Way’s leadership, is an impactful program for older adults in our community. The Golden Wishes Program brings together volunteers, non-profits, and our older adults to bring them happiness. The award ceremony was moving, there were tears of happiness dropping from everybody’s face as we experience the pure joy of giving and receiving”, said Luisana Hung Salazar, Development Director for Assistance to the Elderly.

“I have dreamed of going back to Cuba to see my 98 years old father and my 60 years old son for many years. After my husband passed away five years ago, that dream seemed farther than ever. I am incredibly grateful to United Way and the Golden Wishes Program for allowing me to make my dream a reality,” said Rosalia Martos.

“As an older adult, I have so many needs and challenges that surpass my capacity to meet those needs. My doctor told me a long time ago that I needed a hearing aid, but I have other priorities that have kept me from getting it. I am happy to know that I will be able to hear well again, I think it will change my life, allowing me to socialize more and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, like watch TV”, said Migdalia Otero.

United Way building community by helping people care for one another.


About Assistance to the Elderly, Inc.

Assistance to the Elderly, Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization that owns Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon, a licensed assisted living and memory care community. Assistance to the Elderly, Inc. enable low-to-moderate income vulnerable adults to lead meaningful and dignified lives by providing supportive housing, services, community education, and advocacy.  For more information visit:

About Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon

Residential Plaza provides an affordable home with assisted living services allowing 350 older adults to live in a safe, caring and supportive environment while maintaining their dignity, independence, and purpose. For more information visit:

About United Way

Changing lives is at the heart of what we do – from our beginnings in 1924 to now. United Way partners with hundreds of individuals and organizations that share a collective vision for what is possible. Through our work in education, financial stability and health, we are improving the odds for children and families, today and for generations to come.