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Community education for minorities in Miami-Dade

Assistance to the Elderly, Inc. and Residential Plaza at Blue Lagoon partner to bring education on relevant topics to older adults.

Miami, Florida, July 30, 2018, /- Assistance to the Elderly, Inc., a non-profit organization which mission is to enable low-to-moderate income, vulnerable adults, to lead meaningful and dignified lives partners with Residential Plaza, the largest assisted living community in Miami-Dade to bring education to older adults on relevant topics to improve their wellbeing.

Adult education and learning is an integral part of the right to education and lifelong learning and comprises ‘all forms of education and learning that aim to ensure that all adults participate in their societies and the world of work. It denotes the entire body of learning processes, formal, non-formal and informal, whereby those regarded as adults by the society in which they live, develop and enrich their capabilities for living and working, both in their own interests and those of their communities, organizations, and societies’ (UNESCO Recommendation on Adult Learning and Education [2015]: Para. 1).

“We live in a society where everything moves at a very fast pace. We have identified how difficult it is for the residents living at our community, Residential Plaza, to stay current about topics that are essential for their well-being like health insurance, chronic disease, care and prevention, physical activity, mental health, estate planning, and to know the resources available in the community”, said Barbara Galindo, Residential Plaza’s Administrator.

“In an effort to better serve the older adults living at Residential Plaza and the neighboring communities, we have put together a community education calendar partnering with several organizations that share our interest to keep older adults current on relevant topics for their wellbeing, allowing them to better integrate with their communities”, said Luisana Hung Salazar, ATTE’s Development Director.

The Community Education Calendar is available at our web pages ( and, all sessions are open to older adults in the community.