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Include a gift to Assistance to the Elderly, Inc. in your trust and state plans.

Plan for your future while helping plan for the future safety and security of older adults in our community. The development office is here to help you consider strategies to meet your financial needs while also making a lasting impact.

Our team is here to help you! Wondering how to get started? Looking for fresh ideas? Questions about how to maximize the tax benefits of a charitable gift? Contact us today for no-obligation help and answers.

Luisana Hung Salazar, Development Director at 305-877-6571 or

Materials and assistance provided are for educational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional legal or financial advice. Please seek the assistance of qualified counselors in the areas of estate, gift, and tax planning.

Declaration of Support Letter

Please send signed Declaration of Support Letter (Click here to see Sample) to Assistance to the Elderly, Inc. so that we may project future gifts that will help ATTE keep enabling older adults to lead meaningful and dignified lives. Use our Contact Our Team page or contact:

Luisana Hung Salazar
Development Director
5617 NW 7 Street
Miami, Florida 33126